The Lueddeke Law Firm is a highly respected advocate for individuals and businesses involved in a broad spectrum of civil disputes in New Jersey. Headquartered in Monmouth County, we help clients throughout the state navigate their legal options and obtain the best possible results under their unique set of circumstances. Whether you are contemplating filing a lawsuit, or you or your company have been sued and you need to know how to respond, our experienced trial attorneys are here to help.

Knowing When to Litigate

We have spent considerable time in New Jersey state and federal courtrooms.  Often that is because after our first meeting with a new client, we know that their legal situation has progressed to the point that they require firm advocacy and a litigious approach.  If a fair and equitable settlement cannot be reached, we welcome the opportunity to present our clients' cases in court.  We prepare every matter as if it will go to trial, and that early preparation is what resolves cases and drives favorable settlements.

Knowing When to Settle

In certain situations, though, litigation is an unnecessary expense. Knowing when to litigate, versus knowing when to explore creative alternatives to litigation, can save clients considerable time, expense and sleepless nights. That is why having experienced counsel is critical to an efficient client-focused resolution of your unique legal situation.

If you are being sued in New Jersey, or you think you may have a case against an individual or business who wronged you, it is important that you make your selection of an attorney carefully.  Contact us today or call 732-449-2884 for a free case evaluation. Come see how our experienced attorneys can help you achieve your legal goals.