The Lueddeke Law Firm has been a leader in fighting for New Jersey consumers for more than thirty years. We concentrate in consumer fraud cases, and we are actively investigating unscrupulous car dealerships, auto-fraud, Lemon Law, unfair collection practices, real estate, motorhomes, solar installation, predatory lending, as well as other types of fraud and wrongful conduct perpetrated on innocent New Jersey consumers. 

We represent innocent consumers that have been taken advantage of by big business. We work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

We enjoy suing businesses that lie to and rip off ordinary people.  Our offices are located in Spring Lake, Monmouth County, but we accept cases throughout New Jersey, including cases for residents of other states who have consumer law issues connected to New Jersey. 

What we handle:

We represent individuals, families, and business owners who have been wronged in a wide variety of consumer fraud cases. Most of the firm's fraud cases are lawsuits against car dealers, home improvement contractors, solar installation companies, predatory lenders, and other businesses that take unfair advantage of and rip off consumers.  Give us a call if:

  • You think you might have a case under the New Jersey Lemon Law.
  • A car dealer sold you a previously wrecked vehicle, a vehicle with a bad title, or otherwise took advantage of you.
  • Your new boat needs costly repairs and the dealer won't honor their warranty.
  • A home improvement contractor did shoddy unprofessional work or took off with your money.
  • You are stuck in a predatory loan.
  • A debt collector is calling and harassing you.
  • You're considering filing bankruptcy.
  • You have questions about your rights under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

If you are having any type of problems related to consumer law or you feel that a business has taken unfair advantage of you, our attorneys are here to help. Call our office today 732-449-2884 or click here to contact us immediately.